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The Ark Within
Volume I & II
Breaking new ground in the field of self-growth, and self-relatedness. 
A fresh vision of who we are, a conscious and caring joint venture with others.

The Ark Within invites us on an Initiatory Journey; a story of our Quest, of our Courage, of a Pilgrimage that we share with all Creation. It is a tale about our Love and our pain. It shows us how to rediscover ourselves as a living Noah’s Ark: Stable enough and vast enough to hold and welcome each facet of ourselves! Poetic and yet pragmatic, this book invites you to take flight as much as to land… 

The Exercises presented in Volume II, spring from the author’s personal and professional experience in her ‘Voice Dialogue’ practice and her teaching. Volume I and Volume II shed light on each other; mirror and enrich each other, in a way that the reader will recognize within his own ‘interior book’ and pass through the crucible of his own experience. 

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“The author guides us inward, into “our true homeland.” She inspires us to live vibrant, conscious, and reconciled lives. She writes with candor, and uncompromising tenderness, about the fulfillment of an essential paradigm shift: outer wisdom must become inner wisdom.”

Hedy Schleifer MA LMHC

“ The Ark Within is an excellent guide to remedy inner conflict. It supports ever-deeper levels of insight. It will help many people understand themselves and heal so much unnecessary suffering in their lives.”

Richard Moss, M.D.

“ The Ark Within is a magical, mystical, beautifully balanced journey of the spirit. The evocative narrative, combined with practical exercises in Volume II, makes this book an invaluable guide for anyone who has embarked on the journey of a spirit-infused life.”

Hal and Sidra Stone Ph.D.

“The voyage of The Ark Within begins and ends with the meeting of the sensitive “Inner Child” that each one of us carries inside. In becoming our own Friend and neighbor, we will heal our capacity to relate and create bonds that are not of neediness and dependency, but of sharing and generosity.”

Marie de Hennezel

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